Selected Publications

Books and Chapters


  1. Bartlett, J., Birdwell, J., and Littler, M. (2011) The New Face of Digital Populism, London: Demos
  2. Birdwell, J., and Littler, M., Faithful Citizens: Why those who do God, do good, in Birdwell, J., and Timms, S. (2013) The Faith Collection, London: Demos


Journal Articles


  1. O'Brien, M, and Littler, M. (2015) On Political Criminology, Journal of Political Criminology, Vol. 1, No. 1
  2. Lee, B., and Littler, M. (2015) Viral advertising and new pathways to engagement with the British National Party, Journal of Political Criminology, Vol. 1, No. 1


Book Reviews


  1. Littler, M. (2013) Understanding Al Qaeda: Changing War and Global Politics (Second Edition), Journal of International Relations Research, Vol. 1, No. 2


Academic Reports


  1. Copsey, N., Dack, J., Littler, M., and Feldman, M. (2013) Anti-Muslim Hate Crime and the Far Right, Teesside: Teesside University Press
  2. Feldman, M., and Littler, M., (2014) Tell MAMA Reporting 2013/14: Anti-Muslim Overview, Analysis and ‘Cumulative Extremism’ , Teesside: Teesside University Press
  3. Littler, M., and Feldman, M. (2015) Tell MAMA Reporting 2014/2015: Annual Monitoring, Cumulative Extremism, and Policy Implications, Teesside: Teesside University Press [Forthcoming]


Policy Papers


  1. Littler, M. and Birdwell, J. (2011) After Osama: What Londoners Think, London: Demos
  2. Bartlett, J., and Littler, M. (2011) Inside the EDL: Populist Politics in a Digital Age, London: Demos
  3. Bartlett, J., Froio, C., Littler, M., and McDonnell, D. (2013) New Political Actors in Europe: Beppe Grillo and the M5S, London: Demos